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Marriage in the times of cash crunch - wedding

Marriage in the times of cash crunch

These are tough days. The recent demonitisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currencies has been tough for those who had their marriage lined up in the coming auspicious dates. If you are wondering how to go about the rituals, please keep in mind that despair will lead you nowhere.

Instead, put up a brave face, fake a smile, fill your eyes with a hopeless expression and get ready to accomplish the mission.

Remember, tough times don’t last but tough marriages (people) last. Get out of despair, whack your brain. It calls for some smart thinking, some re-strategising and shifting of a few benchmarks.

Some suggestions.

Suggestion No. 1
It calls for a meeting, SWOT analysis.
Both the groom and the bride party need to sit together, take stock of their finances. Cash they have at hand, both in old as well as new currencies. Pool resources and come up with POA (Plan of Action), particularly keeping in mind men and women who can spare time to exchange currencies apart from depositing what they can’t exchange due to the weekly limit.

Suggestion No. 2
See your wedding invite in a new light.
Yes, because this is one that can get you maximum cash from the bank. Both groom as well as bride side should make most of this window provided by the Government.

Suggestion No. 3
Keep a look out for times when there are no queues.
We understand that it also signifies that the bank could be out of cash. But who knows you might be in for luck and, if that is not the case, at least you can also use this window to deposit the cash back and withdraw it at a later date.

Suggestion No. 4
Make ATM guard your friend.
Talk to him, explain your predicament. In most cases he will be glad to help you out and call you once the ATM has cash and the crowd is less. It is especially true when the ATM is being loaded, late at night and early in the morning.

Suggestion No. 5
Your vendor will understand your situation.
You are not the only one going through the troubled times. In all probability, the vendors you have hired will accept payment through cheque, after all they also cannot afford to lose your business.

Suggestion No. 6
Get in touch with a wedding planner.
The greatest USP of a wedding planner is that instead of dealing with multiple of vendors you have a single contact person. Reputed, well-established companies will be glad to accept payment through cheque and, since, they deal with other vendors on a regular basis, have a rapport with them, therefore, not only negotiate for you a better deal but will not only ensure a hassle-free but also, most importantly, a cashless wedding.

Suggestion No. 7
Last but not the least…sing ‘We shall overcome…’ ‘Hum honge kamyab…’
Have faith. Like all bad times you will tide over this crisis as well. Remember, that this is a joint operation and together ‘we shall overcome all difficulties.’

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