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About Us

Guided by the vision to turn every wedding into an eventful experience, Secrets of India within a short period of time has made a name for itself in wedding planning industry as an experiential wedding planner in India.

At the helm of affairs is Khaver, the founder of the company, who through his passion to turn each wedding into a lifetime of fond remembrance, both for the couples taking wedding vows and the guests, has succeeded in creating extravaganzas that have been talked about in niche publications such as Wedding Wows, Harper’s Bazaar Bride, Destination Wedding and Food Food.

Our Philosophy

It is said that marriages are made in heaven, but it is on earth that we turn it into a spectacular affair.

Yes, we all want our marriages to be planned differently, turning it into an event that everyone, remembers it till their memories last.

That is what guides us. That is what we seek to do.

How Do We Do It

Each one of us has an idea, howsoever faint it may be how that big day should turn out to be. Right from the tresses, to couture, to guests, to band, bajaa, baraati, we want the entire marriage ceremony to be a series of memorable celebrations.

And that is from where we take off. Blending the concept with an assortment of related paraphernalia that includes florists, photographers, caterers and entertainers amongst others, we conjure a seamless blend of activities, decor and props that turns your marriage into truly a stunner.


We call them ‘Experience Creators,’ the young professionals throbbing with excitement and exciting ideas along with commitment to turn your wedding and event into one big life time affair.


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