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Wedding Stationery for Destination Weddings - wedding

Wedding Stationery for Destination Weddings

screenshot-2016-10-05-13-10-37In every part of the globe, weddings have always been and still remain, the most beautiful expression of the human experience. This joyous union of souls is the ultimate manifestation of a celebration that is on the one hand public and social, and on the other, most intimate and private.

It therefore stands to reason that the announcement of a wedding is full of splendor, a symbol of the happiness of the families that are soon to be joined as one. Wedding stationery that announces the upcoming nuptials is in fact a physical manifestation of the hopes, love, excitement and anticipation of the bride and groom and their loved ones.

Of course, wedding stationery, specifically the wedding invitations or save the date invitations are crafted details that set the tone for the entire celebration. Apart from listing the date, time and venue for the occasion, they also give guests a focal point to plan their attendance. In essence, these are as much for the convenience of the guests as for the hosts.

In general, this stationery can be a simple personalized wedding invitation card to announce the ceremony, or a series of coordinated literature including a “classic save the date” all the way to “thank you” cards for gifts received at the wedding. The process starts with a guest list and an auspicious motif, and after numerous iterations, the final product is lovingly packaged and often hand delivered with a wedding favor to everyone near and dear to the family.

Creative wedding stationery is almost always an expression of personality; the colors, motif and text are fondly selected to represent the couple and their families and could be handmade as well to add that little touch. However, in the case of a destination wedding, such stationery plays a crucial role. A destination wedding arguably needs more planning and organization; and the invitations needs to be planned much more in advance as well.

Most destination weddings take on the theme of the destination. Beach weddings in general are far more relaxed and casual. Palace weddings are expected to be more regal and grand. In other words, the choice of destination customarily influences the design of the stationery itself.

In the case of a destination wedding, the venue, travel arrangements, lodging and local activities need to be fleshed out in good time for the guests and hosts to enjoy the occasion. Guests need to make arrangements to travel to the location and their comfort needs to be taken care of. They will be at an unknown destination and it becomes the responsibility of the hosts to make sure that they feel at ease.
To facilitate this, the “save the date” announcing the date of the wedding should be made in a timely manner, so guests can block out the time to travel to the destination. Guests from overseas in particular, rely on this to make sure they make the necessary arrangements to take leave from work, organize house sitting if required and so on.

Among other things, the wedding stationery for a destination wedding is custom made and personalized providing critical clues to guests as to what to expect when they travel. This includes delicate matters such as finances (who is expected to pay for flights and accommodation for example) as well as dress codes for the events to follow.

Perhaps the most critical role of the wedding stationery at a destination wedding is the program. This lets guests know where and when they are expected, logistics for local transport, sightseeing opportunities and what to do in case of emergency. It is best to make sure this is included in a welcome package when each guest arrives or in his or her hotel room for easy access. Some couples even go so far as to create special luggage tags and embossed wedding invitations for the guests.

Destination weddings are in spirit an indulgence, an exotic getaway for the dearest family and friends to celebrate together. The stationery by this token is equally indulgent, informative and inspired. When cleverly designed, the stationery also acts a memento, a lasting memory of a special visit. After all, when we travel, we form a unique bond with our fellow travellers. This sense only heightened by the anticipation of a glorious party! A destination wedding, with carefully designed stationery allows everyone to abandon their daily routines and step out of their comfort zones. For the duration of the celebration they can take on another persona, and to embrace new relationships and to ever-deepen the bonds of friendships and family.

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