Stay away from Rajasthan. Welcome to Rajasthan.

Majestic Rajasthan is not that majestic anymore.

Regal Rajasthan has been done to death.

The Rajasthan of kings, princes and nobles is hardly a novelty.

But yet there is something about the state that excites our imagination. Yes, its forts, palaces and the images of martial vigour still have the potential to turn heads. Its semi-arid landscape, desert wilderness, soulful music, sour-stirring songs and dances that encapsulates vigor—in a nutshell, Rajasthan has a romantic charm, that often comes back to you, howsoever hard you may try to escape, not pay any heed to it.

As a backdrop for wedding celebrations, Rajasthan is a fascinating location. However, it suffers from over-exposure… but yet, it has a charm that pulls you towards it.

That’s why we say – stay away from Rajasthan and yet welcome to Rajasthan.

The need is to see the stay from an altogether a different perspective.

See it in a whole new light. Explore its new facets. Give a new dimension to your wedding with new themes, novel concepts.

At SOI Weddings, you would be aware that we are committed to plan your marriage, as you would want it to be. Helping you explore a new dimension. Helping to find you a New One.

As someone who wants to make his marriage a gala celebration, Rajasthan has many surprises up its sleeves. To still have a slice of one of India’s most colorful states, and turn it into a breathtaking wedding, may we suggest a wedding plan that encapsulates the best of Rajasthan—its landscape, music, dance and, most of all, its gregarious people, where they come together to give you a wedding that will not only stand apart from the rest but will also elevate it to a level that you will look back fondly.

Yes, what we are suggesting is a wedding in the stunning rural setting of Rajasthan.

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