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Wedding in Captivating Orchards - wedding

Wedding in Captivating Orchards

Mohit has always approached life differently. Right from the choice of career or lifestyle of treading a path that’s not usually preferred by the masses, he has made unorthodox choices and managed to come out with flying colours.

So when it was his time, he wanted to get marriage, he made a choice that was not preferred by the other, and needless to say, he started a trend.

It wasn’t; the concept he was much bothered about—he was confident that he could crack any whacky idea—what was giving him sleepless nights was the choice of the venue.

He knows that run of the mill ideas won’t cut an ice with him. Always looking for something new, what he wants something unique, and yet at the same time an idea that will not burn a hole in the pocket.

It was just a chance that a friend of his, who runs a wedding management company apart from owning a mango orchard, had sent him some choices mangoes from his plantation. As Mohit relished the taste of juiciest Banarasi mangoes, the idea struck him.

For a few moments he sat frozen, mulling upon the practicality while debating its feasibility. Little later after he had convinced himself that a wedding in a mango grove won’t be a far-fetched idea, he got up, picked up him phone and called his friend at SOI Weddings.

PS: Needless to say that the idea went on flawlessly and became the talk of the town. His friends and guests the relished the event while feasting upon the tastiest meals and what else—juiciest mangoes.

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