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Monsoon Wedding: Give Romance a Chance - wedding

Monsoon Wedding: Give Romance a Chance

How about a rain-drenched wedding?

No, not literally…! But on second thoughts why not? It would be fun. Perhaps never done before.

It would make you a pioneer, a darling of social media. As the video goes viral and social media share ticking up, may be even the newspapers and the magazines might feel honored to have you on its pages. May your wedding could even turn out to be a cover story in a niche publication.

But even otherwise, a monsoon wedding is an exciting proposition. Think of it this way.

Exchange the vows to the accompaniment of the nature’s most exciting music—the pittar-patter of the raindrops carrying the blessings of the Gods from the heaven falling graciously upon on your head, soothing you with its tingling touch.

The trees, the foliage, the nature swaying in celebration. The winds showering you with its grace singing the magical chants. The clouds peering you from the sky above. While the sun tries to sneak in from the gaps in between and when it finally succeeds enveloping you with its glow, it will be a blessed feeling, like you have experienced never before.

Monsoons are a magical time when the eternity renews its acquaintance with humanity and reinvigorates it with freshness while suffusing it with life.

From Mawsynram, the wettest place in India situated in the magical north-east to rain-drenched state of Kerala in South India and even in the otherwise dry desert state of Rajasthan to the verdant West Coast and barren Ladakh and the Himalayas—the prospect of Monsoon Wedding in India is utterly exciting.

It offers an experience of marrying not just in magical locations but a wide-variety of venues that would include beaches, forts, lakes, rugged mountains, jungles and tribal villages amongst others.

At SOI Weddings we are committed to make your wedding a lifetime of fond memories and trust us to make your Monsoon Wedding a combination of magic and romance.

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