As one of the leading event planners and destination wedding specialists in India, Khaver began his career in hotels in London. A graduate from TVU, London in hospitality management, he worked in various hotels across UK and India gradually working his way up with brands like InterContinental, MacDonald and Oberoi Group.


In 2007, Khaver made a change from hotels to travel industry and worked in various companies before he ventured out on his own in travel Industry.  It was in 2012 when Khaver was approached by a client living in Tokyo who wanted him to organise the travel arrangements for her daughter’s wedding.


Starting with a simple hotel and transport booking and by the end of it Khaver realised that with the help of his team he has pulled a great show encompassing all elements of a wedding. That proved to be the turning point and with the active support of the team mates he started a separate Events division in Secrets of India.


Since then his team, under his guidance, has organised many high profile weddings. As their creative juices flowed it resulted in groundbreaking concepts and events which industry had never seen before, making their way in established magazines and TV programmes.


Having carved its niche in events and destination wedding planning Secrets of India is now being recognised as a one of the creative, experiential, and personalised event and wedding planning companies catering to a diverse client sets from USA, UK and India.


Being highly selective in its approach Secrets of India, unlike other wedding planners, undertakes only 3-4 weddings in one year. It is a value proposition that comes from Khaver’s strong belief that weddings are lifetime affair therefore one has to work as the extended family, which requires highly personalised attention, apart from being sensitive to the smallest request and leaving no gap between commitment and delivery.



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